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nievainc Happy weekend everyone! 🌸 Don’t forget to that this weekend is the PEAK bloom for the cherry blossoms! National #CherryBlossom Festival runs from March 18 - April 16. Meet up with your friends and family, take photos, and just have your anti-allergy arsenal at home ready. 😆 It feels great having 2️⃣3️⃣ real estate consults done thus far for the first 11 weeks of the year, advising families on what they can do for their situation. I’m always here to give free market expert advice. 🏘️ Enjoy the Spring season! 🌷 #nationscapital #dmv #dmvrealestate #dmvrealtor
nievainc @nay_mercier_realtor thank you Renee! Have an amazing weekend!
homemortgagesdmv ❤️The flowers 🌺 are stunning!!! Tomorrow will be packed there.
nievainc Is 2023 your year for real estate? Here’s my open thoughts and advice on the current real estate market for the DMV, where it’s headed, and how it all applies to you. 🗣️🏡#30under30 #dmvrealestate #dmvrealtor
kentege Great update!! Lots of super important points for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of 🔥🔥🔥
nievainc @kentege thank you for the feedback!
nievainc Happy 2023 everyone! 🎇 THANK YOU for the 46 families that trusted myself and team at @NievaInc in helping them reach all their personal and business endeavors with selling, buying, renting, and out-of-state sell and buy transactions. 🤝 Another record-breaking annual sales volume and units record for us, and more importantly incredible memories that I will never forget with each and every one of you. We pride ourselves with personalized experiences, around-the-clock work, fast responses, and professional communication. 2023–let’s make it happen! 🌟 #thankful #hardwork #winnersmindset #happynewyear #30under30 #dmvrealtor #dmvrealestate
cla_title_escrow Happy New Year 🎉🎉
nievainc @cla_title_escrow happy new year!!
charmcitycoaching 🔥🙌❤️ congratulations
wrestlersmama Yay 🔥congrats beautiful
nievainc @wrestlersmama Thanks Marianne! Happy new year!
nievainc @marielle__ak thank you Marielle! Your boy is getting so big!
nievainc @invest_in_a_dream happy new year Manny! Killed it with the karaoke 🎤 on NYE! 👏🏼
nievainc The holidays just got a whole lot sweeter 🥧 We are always taking care of our clients in the smallest and personal ways to thank them in allowing us to letting us be a part of this year’s milestones. Happy Holidays everyone! 🎄
nievainc This was Saturday night magic! 🪄 This wonderful buyer couple had successfully sold their primary home, and we patiently waited for the right opportunity to come. This gorgeous home was initially planned to have an offer deadline (yes it can still happen in this cooling market), but despite having a deadline—you can never trust that (the seller has the right to change their mind). Therefore as a Buyer’s Agent, there has to be consistent proactive follow-up. My senses were right, because turns out the seller changed their mind and decided to omit the deadline and they were MINUTES from accepting an offer in hand!! So you already know… extreme speed and efficiency were implemented, and before you know it, within the next few minutes—we came out on TOP over the offer: We were officially given the news that our buyers won the contract. 🎉 I couldn’t be any happier for this deserving couple! From then on everything was just a smooth ride. Everything fell into place that we were supposed to—it was meant to be! HOME SWEET HOME! 🏡 👏🏼 🏆 #winnersmindset #30under30 #ilovemyclients #justclosed #settlement #dmvrealtor #dmvrealestate #mdrealtor #mdrealestate #montgomerycountymd
elizabethhayeshoffmann Congratulations!